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I'm here to teach you how to think, move, eat, and live more effectively and efficiently. 


My entire coaching (and life) philosophy revolves around the idea of being Simply Whimsical.


Simply is the structure. It is the dedication to the process, the consistency, and the fundamentals. It's putting the foods that will serve you best into your body. It’s moving through a range of motion safely and controlled. It’s sticking to the program, staying hydrated, getting adequate sleep, and minimizing stress. Simply is the structure and the structure is the spine - it's what holds everything else up. 

Whimsical is the playfulness, the heart, the fun! While the structure is critical, the heart is what keeps the blood flowing. It's movement, creativity, and connection to a purpose.

At its essence, WHIMSICAL is the why and SIMPLY is the how.

When paired together, anything is possible. 

I'd like to take a moment to personally invite you to sign up for coaching and join our tribe. If you've got a why... let me show you how. 



Have a fitness, nutrition, or lifestyle goal you are serious about? 

Are you self motivated and looking for real coaching to progress you further? 

Have a full schedule and no time to go to a workout class or see an in-personal trainer? 

Individual Program Design

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