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"In this episode of The Plant Trainers Podcast, we talk with Rebecca Clements, a plant-based coach who is helping her clients reframe the way they think, speak and act. Most of our actions begin with our thoughts. If we can change our thinking process to reflect our values, wants and needs, then we can have more success with our health and our life in general. We loved the way Rebecca explains how limiting beliefs are all around us and how we can begin to break free from them...wait...did I just have a limiting belief there...I think so. You’ll get tons of actionable steps to train your subconscious mind to be on your side instead of against you."

"On this episode of Money Savage ENGAGE, we talked about the importance of taking as many variables as possible into consideration when designing your nutrition and fitness program, the role your environment plays and how to make sure you’re maximizing your most valuable resources with Rebecca Clements, sustainable plant-based coach and athlete, owner of RC Online Coaching.  Listen to learn what to do when you’re not getting the results you’re looking for from your wellness programs!"

"Rebecca truly is inspiring. In today's episode, we speak about her journey plant-based, which started at age 12. Rebecca goes in-depth about her path to high-level performance across various athletics and competition."

"In this episode, we get simply whimsical and talk about how keeping a workout simple, structured and fun we can turn anyone from no exercise into a fitness fan. We explore what inspiration can do to us and how we can inspire others. This episode features an interview with fitness and movement coach, trainer and inspiring mentor Rebecca Clements." 

"Rebecca is an energetic athlete and a coach with a passion to help people, movement and all things related to it! Rebecca was a vegetarian but later, as she researched study after study about nutrition and the state of the dairy industry, she decided to go vegan. That point was seven years ago and she had never looked back! She loves to move playfully and enjoy life to the fullest! If you don’t see her walking her dogs, you can find her doing strong lifts in a gym and helping her clients to make better dietary choices that lead them to improve their body composition, health, and performance." 

"My special guest today is Dr. David Brown who goes by the name Dr. Exercise. Besides many high-performers, David coaches one of my previous podcast guest, Rebecca Clements. Our conversation is centered around how to be the best athlete and a coach you can be and what it takes to get there."

"On this show, we talked about the link between a healthy lifestyle and work performance, tips for a proper diet and exercise program, the need to have a “why” connected to those programs and a ton of other valuable information. Rebecca runs RC Online Coaching and is a movement and diet expert. Listen to find out what you need to know, why it’s important and how to get started."