10 Reasons RC Coaching Clients Succeed

"OLD NEWS!” Tim yelled down the hall after his partner asked if he’d ever heard of a ‘remote coach.’ It’s no surprise people from all over the world and signing up to work with a real person online to receive individualized workout programming and nutrition and lifestyle coaching. Whether you’re familiar with remote coaching like Tim, or you’re still a little unsure of whether or not this could be for you… READ ON!

All of the quotes below are real quotes from RC Coaching clients. Names have been left out to protect privacy.

1. They are sleeping better.

“I sleep well... in fact noticeably better since we started this.”

2. They have health libido.

“Libido is pretty normal, and probably improving now that I'm becoming more aware of my mind-body connection and I feel more positive toward myself!”

3. They stay motivated.

“Always genuinely excited to wake up the next day and get my workout done.”

“Feeling more confident about food, and I go to bed every night EXCITED AF to eat food the next day! Feeling AWESOME. This is silly, but my goal has always been to feel comfortable working out without my shirt on and I’m finally feeling confident enough to do that! Feeling so grateful for your help!”

4. They PR regularly.

“That is by far most at that weight I have ever done so that’s a win.”

“One of my favourite things before was doing the second testing and seeing everything improve. It was so satisfying!”

5. They are falling even more in love with bodies.

“I visibly see muscle growth… so exciting! My biceps and thighs! Lol this is great!”

“A few friends noticed I'm losing a little weight/toning up so those were some nice compliments, on top of actually feeling less sluggish and just more energetic and fit.”

“I’m definitely feeling stronger in my upper body and it makes me super excited!”

6. Their athletic capacity is improving while improving aesthetics.

“I have been better at stringing t2b together- yay! My pants are fitting better, and I fit into a dress that was tight before! Also, I am seeing some top abs- they are subtle but they are there! Overall, I feel better!”

7. They are doing things they didn’t know they could do… and faster than they ever thought they could do it!

“I lost almost 20 pounds since January and I have battled with 5 pounds for years, thank you for making me get out of my comfort zone and find out my own potential!”

8. They are in love with their journey.

“And thank you for guiding me along this journey. I have made huge strides already in just understanding what, how and when to eat. I can't wait to continue getting smarter and stronger! Thankful to have you!”

9. Things are… well… GOOD!

“Things are good. I can't think of unusually awesome, but generally.. everything is fantastic. Never really felt better.”

“Absolutely life changing when I signed up with Rebecca! Not only getting healthier but getting stronger!”

“I’m starting to think about food differently. I used to love to eat for just the taste of the food, now I take the time to make better choices. I feel much better mentally and emotionally handle stressful situations at work with more tact. My weight is staying the same but I notice a change in how my clothes are fitting.”

10. They develop a personal relationship with their coach, remotely!

“I can’t say it enough thank you Rebecca for all the time and energy you put into helping me! Even tho I will probably never meet you (in person) I know you take my goals serious and I matter!”

“If you want to become more healthy and achieve your goals faster than you imagined possible, you’ve found the answer. Rebecca has been fantastic to work with and the results have been nearly miraculous. Thanks!”

I know I said 10… but you know you love a good surprise bonus....

11. RC Coaching clients understand remote coaching is an investment in themselves.

“Rebecca is really easy to work with. I'm usually a very consistent client but when work gets busy or kids get sick, my nutrition slid. She always worked with me to get me back on track and never criticized me for a night of drinks or an off target nutrition day. I'm down about 20 lbs since starting with her and my speed, strength and endurance have all improved. I still want to lose another 15-20 and I know with Rebecca I'll get there and stay healthy.”

“Personalized nutrition coaching is the best investment I have made in myself in a long time. Rebecca makes it approachable, easy and sustainable.”