Ever Had a Remote Coach?

What is "remote coaching’" and what would "personalized programming" look like for me?

RC Online Coaching specializes in remote coaching and offers the ability to work with a well-educated and personable coach from anywhere in the world. Personalized programming is a program catered to your abilities, goals, gym accessibility, and life schedule.

Here is an example day from a client who is trying to increase her upper body pushing and pulling strength. She works out 60-90 minutes a day 5 days a week:

Incorporating banded scap push-ups is a good way to mobilize and strengthen the upper body. When your scapulas sit in position and move well, your shoulders are able to stabilize and move well too.

This athlete has bar muscle-ups but is still working on consistency and stringing them together. Easy skill work is part A) allows the athlete to practice when they are “fresh” and don’t have much muscle fatigue.

The athlete here can do 1-2 strict handstand push-ups and sets of kipping push-ups easily. Eccentric, slow tempo work like handstand push-ups negatives in part B1) allows for increased time under tension. Quality time under tension helps develop connective tissue and muscle strength, as well as body control.

Single arm kettlebell holds in C2) challenge the midline, shoulders, and grip. Increased core strength can help an athlete lift more, move better, and move more safely.

“Ice cream makers” are a fun little burn-out exercise at the end. This is skill training for body control but also creates muscle breakdown and adaptation as the biceps, back, and shoulders are under tension throughout the entire movement.

For this client, a mix of bodyweight gymnastics movements, dumbbell strength work, tempo upper body pushing and pulling, and fun skill work was the perfect personalized day. The client here is working towards body composition goals, strength and conditioning goals, and improved capacity in CrossFit based gymnastics movements.