From Surviving to Serving

Here's my story.

Most people are surprised to know I grew up in a meat-based culture. Yes, my household even had a butcher block in the middle of the kitchen and a jerky smoker in the garage.

So if I was taught to eat meat, what am I doing now?

I’m undoing — undoing years of being told I “had” to eat meat to survive.

After over a decade of non-stop education and mentoring individuals to better health through diet… it felt necessary and natural to create this course with all of the best secrets I’ve learned and have used on clients with massive success.

I remember back when I first started eating a vegan diet, nobody believed I would stick with it. Nobody around me understood what a plant-based diet could look like and I found myself answering, “but… where do you get your protein!?” on a daily basis.

I made the promise to myself that if I was going to do this plant-based thing… I was going to use all of the resources available to ensure I was doing it in the healthiest and most sustainable way. After years of struggling, plenty of awkward conversations, and a few emotional breakdowns — I eventually made it to where I am today — confident, happy, healthy, and ready to SERVE!

It’s my purpose to help others experience the same confidence I feel when approaching food choices. Every day people ask me what to eat, when to eat, and where to eat. I’ve covered all of that in this course, along with 2 other core components people need to focus on for nutrition success — the WHY and the HOW.

I want you to understand your why so clearly you want to shout it from the mountain tops. Why are you doing this? Why are you ready for change? Why do you want to upgrade your approach to nutrition? What’s your WHY?

Once you know your why, it’s time to learn the HOW.

There’s no point in struggling through your transition like I did. In fact, that’s part of MY why! I don’t want anyone to have to struggle the way I did. If your why is clear, you’re ready to begin the how. This course covers how to eat, think, and live on purpose.

Everything in this course was put there on purpose. 90 Days to Plant-Based is everything you need to adopt a more plant-centric diet. I’ll show you exactly what to do, step by step, to make this journey smooth and FUN!

Just imagine understanding what you’re eating and why you’re eating it.

But that’s not all, in addition to your new level of confidence and understanding, you will have resources and tools to reference in the future. Short-term AND long-term success… what more could you ask for?!

Are you ready?

Book a consult to see if this course is a good fit for your needs.

I’m so excited to meet you!

Onwards and Upwards,