#RCCoachMe, a Year in Review

As we begin to wrap up (no pun intended) this holiday season, it’s time to reflect on 2018. If you’re reading this, it means at some point, you decided you needed a change. A change in lifestyle, nutrition, and movement. A change that starts small (with a coach) and turns into an ever-growing story of personal progress and accomplishment.

Hi, I’m coach Rebecca. I work with clients all over the world... entirely online! You decide where you want to be (mentally and physically), and I provide you the tools, resources, personalized program, and guidance to get you there.

RC Online Coaching is a female owned and managed business that strives to continuously expands its knowledge base and coaching capacity through hands-on course, online courses, coaching speciality classes at guest gyms, and of course practical application with individualized coaching clients!

In 2018, RC Coaching Clients:

- Stuck to the process! Shoutout to all of the clients who have been with RC Coaching 1+ years (and a very special shoutout to those who have been here since the beginning, over 3 years ago!)

- Got their first ever muscle ups (bars AND rings, strict AND kipping)

- PR’ed their strength numbers in squat, deadlift, bench, clean, jerk, snatch, and a variety of other lifts

- Learned how to better “pace” and expand aerobic threshold capacities

- Improved gymnastics capacities with elements like rope climbs, pull-ups, handstands, holds, levers, etc.

- Got flexy: touched their toes for the first time in years, learned to hold stretches and not wince/complain but rather learn to breath through the pose and maximize their minutes

- Learned how to eat in a way which best serves their daily needs, and sets them up for long-term success

- Had a coach, friend, and mentor who they developed a relationship with, someone who learned and cared about them as a person and their progress in life both inside and outside of the gym/

“I DID A HEADSTAND!!” -One of my personal favorite comments from this year.

What’s next?!

Plans for 2019:

RC Online Coaching will be accepting more individualized coaching clients. The business will also continue to expand through various partnerships within the health and fitness community. And, of course, clients will continue to crush their goals, improve their health, and experience more overall well-being than ever before!

New year, new me” is admirable, and RC Coaching enjoys working with people who have a growth-mindset. If this is you, great! Let’s get you signed up and figure out just what a “new you” could really look like. I believe a new you is created in the daily habits, repeated over and over again. You are creating a new (or old) you each and every day. Wherever you sit, RC Online Coaching is ready to help you become the best you.