People Buy Progress, Not Programs

People don’t necessarily care about the latest program or gadget. People care about the better version of themselves they believe could possibly come from that new program or gadget.

Let’s put this into Fitness terms: Everyone has seen ads for a “6 Week Total Body Transformation!” or “Get Shredded with the New CRAZY Tea!” Nobody spends time asking questions like what does the 6-week program consist of? What are the progressions? What is the end goal? What movements will be involved? How will those movements carry over into my everyday life? What’s actually in the tea that makes it unique? Is there caffeine? Where is the supported research that can validate the advertisement’s claims?

To put it gently, nobody cares. There is someone or some governing body that says people will lose weight and feel better and all it took was a flashy add to get attention. It’s the results people want. The real questions people are asking are things like: How much money can I win? Who will be doing it with me? How many pounds will I lose in 6-weeks? Will I look like the person on the advertisement?

Truth be told… drinking some tea could help someone who doesn’t drink enough liquids loose weight because they are finally getting some of the hydration their body needed. Maybe 6-weeks of high-intensity, boot camp type exercising put someone’s body into a metabolic that did indeed help them shed some fat. At the end if the day these people may or may not get results.

Never fear – coach Rebecca is here!

The best program anyone could buy into would be a program designed for someone’s individual needs based on their history, lifestyle, and goals.

I’m not selling a flashy program or promising anyone quick and/or easy results. What I can promise is if you are serious about getting the progress you want, we will get you there. It may not happen over-night and it will absolutely require you to put in the work… but we will work together to cut the bullshit and get you on track to progress in the most optimal way for who you are and where you want to go.