Remote Coaching: Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What IS “remote” coaching?

A: You will see me use “remote” and “online” interchangeably. All it means is that you have the freedom to train anywhere in the world whenever you’d like. I empower my clients by providing them personalized programming (workouts) and nutrition, based on their needs, regardless of their geographical location.

Q: How does online coaching work?

A: The service I provide my clients is similar to personal training except the difference is that this service is much more cohesive. Instead of seeing someone 3 times a week for a 30-60 minute personal training session that is often $100+ a session, I write out personalized programming for the individual for them to do on their own time.

Q: Will I ever get to see my trainer?

A: Yes! You will get a free initial consult where we will discuss you, your history, and your goals with starting the program. After the consult, you will have a movement screen and personalized testing phase that can be done anywhere. I will ask you to submit some videos that can be easily uploaded to the application we use. This way I can see you move and ensure the workouts make sense for YOU. The movement screen allows me to assess so we don’t guess! We will also have a 30 minute monthly consult to check in on an even more personal level.

Q: What makes remote coaching any different from the boot camps or 6 week “get fit quick” programs I see people advertising for?

A: I use habit-based methodology to help my clients hit short AND long term success. Together, we lay down the foundation of what daily habits need to be put into place to ensure we are on the right path to what success is for the individual. My clients are “long-term” clients. These are people who love the process and want consistent, not instant, results.

Q: How do I get my workouts?

A: We use cutting-edge coaching technology to make communication effortless. All of my clients have an application that is easy to use and houses all of their data. Clients can opt to get an email sent to them every morning with their workout or simply log in to the app and see their training for that day. Each movement will have an exercise prescription next to it (reps, sets, rest, tempo, explanation if needed) and a video attached in case anyone ever wants a movement refresher. Clients are able to keep track of their scores, set new benchmark goals, and message/comment their coach (me!) anytime.

Q: Where do I sign up!?

A: Fill out the contact form or email me directly at I will get back to you within 24 hours to set up your initial consult, answer any further questions you may have, and get you started!

I look forward to working with you!