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Gain the tips, tricks, knowledge and tools you need to go vegan!


This 75-page ebook is for anyone thinking of going vegan, in the process of transitioning to a veganism, or already eating a plant-based and simply looking for more information.


#VEGAINZ provides a broad range of resources for everyone - plant-based recipes, vegan meal ideas, non-vegan ingredients to watch out for, travel tips, shopping guides, restaurant guides, vegetable spotlights, meal prep tips and so much more!


#VEGAINZ was written by two vegan sisters on a mission to educate the world about plant-based diets and the benefits (#gains!) that result from eating a vegan diet. We celebrate the health, environmental, and ethical benefits of a plant-based lifestyle.


For info on our mission and vision, follow us @vegainzlifestyle on Instagram & Facebook.


Thank you for supporting #VEGAINZ and happy reading!


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